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You can get from 30 to 1000 likes to your 2-20 recent posts…Spread likes to your profile,the natural way. Please remember that you will get only HIGH quality likes that will stay forever to your posts.If it’s important for you to get instagram likes without any risk then this service is for you.

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Ηow it Works?

1. Select Your Package

Select your desired package from the lists below for Followers, Likes or Followers and Likes Packs!

2. Submit your Account

Give us your Instagram account and your email.

3. Complete your Payment

Pay with Paypal or Credit Card.That’s it! Just wait and watch your popularity grow…


About Us

Welcome to our new site.We are offering high quality Instagram followers and likes at the right price.Our services will help your Instagram profile and your business grow and gain recognition to one of the most popular Social Networks. If your business depends on your popularity in Instagram,then we are the best choice…

Why should i buy Instagram Followers and Likes?

Social media presence is a viral part for any business Marketing plan.If you are an artist or a small business and your work depends on your Instagram popularity,then you must buy followers and likes.Remember that profiles with many followers are more attractive to everyone and we can help you with this.


Why should i buy from you?

Because we know what we are doing,we use only safe methods,we have good support and we always deliver or refund if we fail.If you haven’t find any reliable and good partner then just try us…


Q  How much time will it take to get Followers/Likes?

A  Usually within 24-48 hours started from the moment we begin to work,but most of the time we complete sooner!

Q  How are my likes spread?

A  By default we spread your likes to 10 recent posts(if likes number is less then 5000) or 20 recent post(if likes number is more then 5000).If you want to send your likes to 1,2,…30 or specific posts please contact us after you place your order through our contact form and give us your posts links or the post number.

Q Is there a need my account to be public(private off)?

A Yes there is.You MUST have private off.

Q What guarantees can I get from you?

A We can guarantee that your order will be completed.If we fail to deliver and your order has not started,you will be refunded 100% the amount of your order.In case we partially complete your order,you will get back 50%.All refunds are completed within 48h from the time you will ask for it.

Q Will your service help my business?

A Popular profiles is most likely to get more followers and likes.This is how social networks work. So from that point of view, yes this will help you grow and gain more popularity.

Q Is there a need of using my password?

A The only thing we need from you to provide the service is your user name. NO password or any other extra data is needed.

Q Is a situation that my profile will be banned possible?

A No. During our work experience we have none of those situations. Your Instagram profile can’t be banned by using this service, as we use only 100% legit technologies to deliver Followers & Likes.

Q Why do you need my email?

A We need your email in case something goes wrong or we need some details about your order.There is no way your email be used for spam or newsletter subscription.

Q How should i know if my order is complete?

A You will be send an email to the email you submitted with your order to inform you that your order is ready. If you haven’t submit your email then we will send it to your Paypal email so please check it(check your spam folder to) once in a while.

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